I’m a Bad Influence

My buddy Ryan asked me what I thought about the new Ironman in St. George, not realizing I had already posted about it. I knew he wanted to do an IM event in the next year or two. His first half-IM is in a couple of weeks.

I left him a long rambling voicemail. One I thought was a balance between caution over the climate, exuberance for adventure, and a little infomercial urgency knowing these races sell out in minutes. I probably talked in circles weighing all of those factors three times. Cause I am a tri.

A half hour later, I got a text message from him. “You’ve convinced me. Now I feel sick, but it’s a done deal.” Hah, I called him right back. He’s psyched. Yeah, I can only imagine what it’s like to hit the submit button for an IM event. Way to man up Ryan! I mean – way to Ironman up!