“I Could Kiss You!”

That’s what I told my doctor when he said I WILL be able to run again. For the past few months it was completely up in the air. He said with a big grin, “You don’t have to do that – but here’s what you can do for me. I want you to stretch three times a day and ice your knee every morning and every night.”

He told me I was born with tight joints and if I don’t deal with the tightness now, I’ll end up with back problems that will be much worse than that knee operation. I still won’t be attempting to run anytime soon. I can’t do that until I can straighten my leg. And right now my leg is stuck in the bent position. So for the rest of the year, I will be devoting myself to improving my flexibility and regaining the muscle I lost. It was music to my ears when he said, “I’m not worried about you running later.” I was so excited I nearly drove by my exit on the way home. That night I fell asleep with an ice bag on my knee.