Here's to Mom

Today marks the anniversary of the loss of my mom. A heartfelt thanks to all my friends online and offline who helped me through a tough year. She was a wonderful lady. Tonight, I made her Swedish meatballs. Over the weekend, I polished the silver she gave me for date night. And we visited a nursery to pick out some plants.

The Okinawans who are renowned for their longevity have a term called “Ikigai” which means "that which makes one's life worth living." For my mom, aside from her family and friends, it was definitely gardening, followed closely by antiques, classical music and the not-so-occasional splurge for some surprisingly cool jewelry on QVC. Really? Yup, that was my mom.

Mom and Dad posing in front the snowman I made.

Lunch with my big brother.

Shopping with my big sister.

A golf lesson from my nephew a few years ago.

She podiumed in flower shows on a regular basis and could care less about the ribbons. It was blooms that gave her a thrill.