Granny Gear

My physical therapy came with more homework this week. I get to ride on the trainer at home on the days I don’t have P.T.

So on Tuesday, I pumped up my tires and dusted off the bike and the trainer. (Not very well, mind you, as I was too eager to get back in the saddle.)

I had it in the easiest gear I could find – total granny gear. Which made it a bit of a challenge to not peddle square strokes. Since I’m really not supposed to put much pressure on my knee right now, I figured this has to be some sort of training opportunity to improve my form. 734’s Dad told me to focus on pulling the pedals up to round out those strokes and that it’s normal for it take a few minutes to smooth out those circles while I warm up. And he reminded me to put a couple of books under the front wheel.

So, I’m finally on a roll again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about riding on the trainer again.