Good Grief – My 100th Post

Hi and thanks to all who have offered their condolences. There’s just no out kicking grief. It comes in not so unexpected waves. Like a Charlie horse in a race. Or an unwanted gulp of water on a swim. My mother used to say, “No one gets through life without experiencing the pain of loss. You’ve just got to go through the grief.” There are no shortcuts. Like the last agonizing 6 or 8 miles of a marathon, I’m just going to have to gut it out. Anything less would make me a Rosie Ruiz.

So this week, I’ve cried a lot. Gone down memory lane a lot. And even fit in some training in the town where I grew up. Found the new indoor pool and did 1250 yards. Thought they were piping in classical holiday music until I realized the lifeguard had a wonderful voice as she strolled around the pool. I met up with some old friends to throw some curling stones at the club. And my sister and I had a very tentative 4-mile run yesterday on the ice and snow. Today, there was a blizzard, I stayed inside and worked on what to say at Mom’s memorial service this Sunday. The minister offered to read anything for us, if we desire. I now refer to her as the Jonathon Papelbon of speakers. She may get the call in the first inning with the way I’m feeling.

So this is my 100th post. I’m thankful to all of you who have read my blog and given me such moral support this year. I know I’ll need even more in the next year.