Getting Strong Now

Ah, can’t you just here the Rocky theme song? On the six-month anniversary of my knee surgery, my trainer at the rehab gym gave me a new Fitness Assessment Test. Six weeks ago, Colleen designed a pretty extensive weight-training and balance routine for me. I’ve been doing it two or three times a week. I knew things were getting easier for me. I had no idea what to expect from the test. (I guess I kind of blocked the first one out of my mind.)

Here’s what she had me do. First up, the wall sit test. I remember doing these as a kid with my brother to prepare for ski season. Near the end of the test, my legs were shaking until I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s an endurance test. How long can you last? The old me was 1:22. The new me was 3:44.

Next, she had me do the push-up test using an exercise ball. My nose had to touch the floor. Yeah, she was watching to keep me honest. How many can you do in two minutes? The old me was 46. The new me was 59. The little slave driver didn’t give me much time to catch my breath before she gave me crunches ;-)

This crunch isn’t the hardest. I had to curl enough to bring my fingers forward. It’s a standard fitness test. How many can you fire off in a minute? The old me was 53. The new me (after about 15 pilates classes) was 74.

Then she tested my flexibility with a sit-and-reach test. Totally forgot about this one. The old me reached 28” with my fingertips. The new me reached 29.5".

The whole thing made me winded, sweaty, and giddy. A PR. I’ll take it.