Flip Turning Japanese

Not since racing home from school to watch Speed Racer have I had this much fun with Japanese anime. This one came courtesy of my oh-so-helpful swim coach Beth Hibbard. Click on the above title heading to see this cool animation for yourself.

It shows Grant Hackett, Gold Medal Winner of the 1500 freestyle in the Athens Olympics, in animation. See that circle to the left with all the little dots? Looks like an air traffic controllers screen. Click on those dots to see Grant from any of those different views. You can change the speed by clicking on the 1, 4, 8, 16, or fps. And above him, you can pause, go forward or back. You can look at other swimmers too. But I forgot how to get to them. Short of clicking madly on all those Japanese characters. Ian “The Thorpedo” Thorp was pretty funny to watch. That sprinter was born with big fins.