Dear Universal Sports Network,

I’m writing to complain about your coverage of yesterday’s Boston Marathon. Suffice it to say, you took almost as many shortcuts as Rosie Ruiz. I waited with my cup of coffee at 6:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. What did you air the first 15 or 20 minutes? Some documentary on Russia – not the excitement of thousands of runners milling about in Hopkington’s town square for the start. Instead we learned about how it takes two days to fill a tanker with coal.

I know. I know. $#&@ happens. But there was no “Sorry, we’re experiencing technical difficulties. We’ll have the Boston Marathon coverage for you shortly.” You left me checking my cable guide repeatedly and wondering if the cat changed the channel by accident.

When your coverage finally began, I saw the women in Ashland briefly. Never saw Framingham, the neighboring town where I grew up. We saw the men’s start. We never saw the excitement of Wellesley College’s co-eds going nuts as they passed. Nope, the screen went completely blank for a good 10 minutes.

We saw the women head through Newton and the men in Natick. We never saw Boston College's students go nuts on Heartbreak Hill. We saw Russian nuclear icebreaker boats operating outside of Siberia. Hey, maybe that’s where you should send the crew who managed your Boston Marathon coverage! It was the worst ever.