Day 2 in my Hometown Pool

I had a good workout this afternoon. I needed it. If you’ve ever lost a parent, you know. Details come up months after the fact. Work is taking a backseat this week. And I promised my clients I’d get stuff done – have laptop will travel. Which means I’ll be cramming this weekend at my college roommate Winter’s place.

So going to the pool has been a really nice outlet. This was a great place to grow up. I get a kick out of watching parents stroll onto the pool deck with their cute little kids, trying to guide them in the right direction. Little tots in big swim trunks with crazy patterns. Reminds me of the upbringing I had in this friendly small town.

On the way out the door, I thought I spotted a familiar face behind the rec center counter. Turns out it was the guy who took over my high-school track program after I graduated. Turns out he’s a tri and coaches people in town. Turns out he knows Jarrod Shoemaker too. Alas, Jarrod will be racing in Mexico this weekend. No tri celeb sighting for me this trip. But I did find out we had the same cross-country coach. Some day I will impress him with my Pat MacMahon imitation.

Today, I got in:

1500 yards with the pull buoy.
Aqua rehab: 45 side leg lifts on each side and 45 clam drills. (Please don’t ask me to ‘splain those. I feel funny enough doing them!)

I practiced a new kind of turn that’s faster. New to me anyway. Found it on YouTube. Not as a fancy as a flip turn. Some day. Maybe soon. I’ve been fantasizing about learning how to do a flip turn lately. Watched several videos on YouTube. Which means I may just buck up and try and do one soon.