Bourne Triathlete

I just read that Matt Damon completed his first triathlon over the weekend. He ran the 10K portion of the Escape to Miami Triathlon. People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is not the Fastest Man Alive. After watching his stunts as Jason Bourne in his brilliant action films, I didn’t expect him to cross the line in 59:54. Wow, if I knew and didn’t have a bum knee, I could’ve flown across the country and run slower, just to hear his heavy breathing.

Then again, he did it without a whole lot of training and after gaining a bunch of weight for a new role. Hey, he did it on a dare from his brother. He proved he’s not only a great actor and a loyal Red Sox fan. He’s also human. This sport has a way of humbling you. Hey Matt, I pretty much dragged my legs through the swim portion of my first few triathlons. Stay with it. I’d love to see you beat David Duchovny in the Malibu Triathlon. And if you happen to need a training partner, I’m available.