Back on Trail Patrol

I was never really off of my volunteer stint. It’s just that last Sunday was the first time I left the parking lot in months. It felt like a prison release, getting back outside again on the trails. I’m not up for mountain biking yet, but just to go hiking again was a blast. Keith, aka The Governor, was super patient as usual. I’ve been doing regular walks around a lake with 734’s Dad, but nothing involving hills.

So you can imagine how winded I was to finally walk up some steep rollers. I rested at the top of each one. “These are like intervals!” I said. “Or little bricks,” he replied, “You know, Legos!!” Made me laugh.

We did about six miles over the course of four hours. Stopped a lot to answer folks’ questions like, “What are those shirts? What do you guys do?” I call Keith “The Governor” because he seems to know everyone on the trail. See what I mean?

I took a bunch of pictures along the way. Keith thinks snakes are cool. He’s a boy and always wants to pick them up. I’m a girl. And always think/say “Ewwwwu!” when I see them. Here’s some more critters and flowers we saw along the way. There's a bee inside the yellow cactus bloom, a turquoise butterfly/moth/bug that looks like a fishing lure when it's not flying, and some bugs doing it. Oh dear, 734's Dad is rubbing off on me. Think I've been watching too many science and animal shows lately!

Happy Trails!