Aspiring Comeback Kid

Last Sunday, I had my first ride outside since the surgery. My first ride off the trainer in about nine months. So 734’s Dad thought it would be a good idea if I took my mountain bike. Riding on those knobby tires was the next best thing to training wheels. The heavier bike also serves as a great rehab tool for the quad that’s still in its rebuilding year.

I loved having the wind in my face again. I loved looking at the scenery and hills of the canyon. I went down to my favorite hiding place where there are no cars for about a 2.5-mile stretch. On the way back, 734’s Dad took the trail across the river. I could hear him yell “Go Minnow!” as he rode about 100 yards away. I avoided a snake sunning himself on the bike path. When we got close to his place, he took me on some really easy single track. (I think so I could still call myself a mountain biker.) I went close to 12 miles. It took an hour and ten minutes. I can’t wait to do it again!