Another Lucy Moment

I worked out in my rehab gym yesterday. It’s a small gym with lots of equipment for me to use. I noticed a cute older lady being put through her paces by our trainer, Colleen. I was being quiet and kind of felt like I was eavesdropping on her session as I did my step-ups, rocker-board, mat, and pilates exercises.

Then it was time for me to do squats against the wall with an exercise ball to support my back. And it was time for the little redhead to do the same thing. When she squatted down. I squatted up. We were like pistons going up and down. At the end of the exercise, we burst out laughing. These are the moments I love about working out with people. They can be so unexpected. They ignite a happy energy. It gave us such a chuckle that we did another set the same way. We both agreed it reminded us of this clip.