Annual Report & Numbers for Q1

Last week, I perused the USAT’s web site and discovered that the national rankings were up for 2006. I thought, “Hmmm, am I in there?” I typed in my membership number and it spit out a number: 1076.

Aha, 1076. 1776 happens to be one of my favorite numbers. What can I say? I grew up in a historical town in Massachusetts. That was our zip code. But I needed a little help sorting this whole ranking thing out.

I e-mailed an inquiry to the USAT.

Hi, I’m just curious, 1076 out of how many? 1077? 2007?

I received a super prompt reply from a nice guy, Jason. The answer was 1201. Wow, I am so “wicked fast.” I finished ahead of 125 other chicks across the country. Kindred spirits who no doubt struggle with water or pedals like me —and feel a whole lot better just for getting out there.

He also explained why a couple of my races weren’t included in the rankings. X-terra races can’t be compared to on-road triathlons. (No kidding.) And Camp Pendleton’s race director didn’t provide birth dates with the results, so that one didn’t count – probably a good thing since lifeguards escorted me on surfboards and jet skis for the whole swim.

This year will be different. I did more than dip my toe in the pool during the past three months.

My training log shows:

45,025 yards (25.5 miles) of swimming
382.2 miles of biking
102.85 miles of running

With 70.85 miles of racing.

I’m sure some day that will seem light, and make me giggle. Right now, it feels virtuous. You gotta start somewhere. Now, it’s a clean slate.