Amazon Man

There’s a man named Martin Strel who has spent the last 48 days 2 hours and 18 minutes swimming down the Amazon River. So far, he has encountered crocodiles, whirlpools and pirates. Nothing has stopped him from his goal of swimming this 3,375-mile river. Today, he reached the 2,647-mile mark. (That’s about 440 miles further than the Tour de France.)

It makes me feel grateful for the comfortable confines of my local school pool. But it also makes me wonder. What is it like? What are the currents like? How does the water smell and taste?

And what would make a man want to try such a feat? Why Mount Everest? Why Leadville? Why Ironman? Martin has several reasons to keep his motivation strong. He wants to draw more attention to the preservation of the Rainforest, Alzheimer’s disease, and telemedicine, a tool to bring modern medicine to remote areas.

You can follow the rest of his swim expedition vicariously by logging on to