A Tarantula Sighting

I saw a tarantula tap dance across the pavement yesterday on my bike ride. As his legs scurried away from me, I heard a familiar sound that reminded me of the castanets I had in kindergarten. He was big and furry. I was bigger and girlie. I resisted the urge to scream, but pedaled away in a fury.

Now, I know Fe-Lady would have totally loved seeing him up close. She probably would’ve called him “handsome” and gushed. 734’s Dad and his brother acted like I just won the lottery and thought it was so cool that I caught a glimpse of him. I guess? I half expected to have nightmares last night.

As I finished my ride, I did have a flashback to college. My friend Ed had a pet tarantula in the dorm. One Saturday night, it got out of its cage and roamed around. The next morning, one of the girls in the dorm was astonished at how realistic her dream seemed that night of a tarantula that walked across her chest. She assumed she had way too much to drink. Ed didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.

When I overheard him laughing and telling this story in the line for the cafeteria, I thought ‘I better avoid this guy.’ We didn’t become great friends until two years later. Must’ve been after he got rid of his spider.