A Present: Inspiration Award

It is an inspiration award from Winter, my college roommate. It comes with rules:

The rules:
* Put the logo of the award on your blog
* Link to the person from whom you received the award.
* Nominate other blogs.
* Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
* Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

So I hereby pass on this feel-good prize/present from a friend to a few of my favorite bloggers:

Iron Wil of Through3Wall because she was the first to really get my head into triathlon with her podcast TriGeekDreams. She’s a doting mom, teacher and inspiration for her students.

Fe-Lady, my Operation Rebound teammate who kept me company in the corrals at Oceanside by dancing to the Rolling Stones in the dark. She works with autistic children and I think she should get to know my next blogger nominee better because it looks like she’s headed into a similar field.

Beth who finds a way to work a couple of jobs, work on her graduate degree, train like a maniac, and keep her man James happy. I think she’s found the kind of crazy young love that will last for years, just like my mom (another Elizabeth) and dad did.

TriBoomer because he's Mr. Earnest, raised awareness about cancer by doing Ironman Wisconsin with a waterproof list of 500 names of cancer victims and survivors and delivered them to the State House near the finish line the next day. He also raised $50,000+ for Team in Training/leukemia and lymphoma in one year. As a result, he was invited to do the Boston Marathon as a guest of John Hancock. Does it get any cooler?

TriGreyhound, an Ironman and a lawyer who doesn't take any grief from back-road cops who ignore the law and try to run cyclists off the road. He made sure Fe-Lady and I made our fundraising cuts for Operation Rebound last year. Thanks dude!

Steve in a Speedo for the wonderful photographic narrations that accompany his crazy escapades up North. He did a 10K in a couple of weeks ago when it was 25 below and was actually bummed that the half marathon was cancelled due to the extreme conditions.

And another cool guy from Minnesota, Benson. My Ironman buddy who always has a kind word for me and so many other bloggers out there. He works to save the environment and has a cool dog. Sometimes we get to see both in his posts. Who would have guessed we’d be linked by a femoral condyle knee injury? He’s shown me that I’ll still be able to do a lot when my rehab is done.