A Message from 734

Hi, I am not a fat cat. You know the camera can add 5 lbs. That last picture the lady took was B.S. I was scrunching my body to fit in that box. You couldn’t see how ripped my muscles are. I’m buff – almost 8 lbs.

I work out every morning with my guy. I retrieve a ponytail holder, snatch it out of the sky and put in my mouth before I hit the floor. I chase the bird feathers on the stick and pounce with a flip. Watch out WWF. You’ve got nothing on me. I’m tough. I run through the tunnel the lady gave me. I chase treats. And then I pick my kibbles out of my bowl and chase them around the kitchen floor. I love doing that over and over again.

For a cool down, I lay on my Dad’s lap. Everyone in this house is an athlete. It’s pretty cool. – Seven
Phew, Seven was really ticked about that picture. I had to give him a chance to set the record straight. Yesterday, 734’s Dad raced in the California State Mountain Bike Championships. He took 3rd in his age group for the Expert Class. I was race support (keeper of the water bottles) for him and his brother. It was fun to watch them race and finish coated in dirt.