I Miss My Mo

This post isn’t about my lack of motivation. This post is about my former neighbor Morgan, “Mo.” For the first few months in my new place, she lived directly across the hall. Like me, she’s a tad obsessed with her sport – weight lifting.

The way sailors used Greenwich Mean Time to navigate, you could predict the time of day with Morgan’s gym routine. At 4:30 a.m., she left her apartment each morning to go do her thing at our gym. Sometimes I’d hear her leave. (Okay, a lot of times until I bought an air purifier.) It didn’t make me mad. Honestly as I lay under the covers, all I thought was “Good girl!” When she got back from the gym at 5:50 a.m., I knew it was high time for me to get up.  

When I went down the hall to pick up my mail around 4:15 p.m., I’d spot her with a big smile on her face, returning from the gym again. Maybe it was the endorphins. Maybe it was the anticipation of talking to her man ‘Robert” back in Louisiana. Yes, she had a long-distance relationship that made her over-the-moon happy. 

For months, I secretly thought, “He better not break her heart.” Nope, he didn’t. He broke mine instead ;-) She found a new job back home and now they’re living together. Like a true Southern gentleman, he flew back here to Cali to escort her for the drive back home. 

Now, I not only have a new Instagram buddy, complete with pictures of their new puppy, I also have new insight about weight training. While I’ve obsessively checked out running and triathlon sites for tips, I don’t think I would’ve ever checked out bodybuilding.com in a million years if it weren’t for her. That site is loaded with super in-depth information about the different muscle groups and ways to strengthen them. She’s also shown me some other weight training women to follow on IG for training ideas. 

And this newfound knowledge came in the nick of time really. For medical reasons, I can’t do endurance training at the moment. Yes, I do miss the satisfaction that comes from doing long miles of running and biking and long yards of swimming. But I never imagined how many happy endorphins can come from the 15 minutes (I’m allowed) of weight training and function strength exercises. And ultimately, it will make me more bulletproof from injuries when I return to it later.

I remember when I talked to Mo about her training, she said the thing that drove her each day, “I want to see how good I can get.” Every day is a chance to have this powerful and joyful self-discovery.  

What a gift and a pleasure it was to have Morgan as my neighbor. She got her happy ending, but it’s hardly an ending for us.  Looking forward to keeping in touch with her for years to come.