Get an inside glimpse of the cool, clumsy, comical moments that occur in the life of a triathlete. As a newbie, I learned my first lesson at XTERRA when my arms were branded with the large, black numbers – 623. Until I showered off. Then I had hot pink arms donned with big, white numbers for the rest of the season.  Yes, I remembered my body glide, but forgot the sunscreen. Eight months later, those numbers finally faded. It seemed only fitting that they continue to last through my blog's name.  

A decade later, I’m still discovering something new all the time. I’ve completed four marathons, three half Ironman distance races, a full Aquabike Ironman distance race, two Ho’ala Ironman-distance swims, a dozen triathlons, and quite a few road and trail races over the years. Though I’m not racing this year, I’m still trying.